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Charley's Chocolate Factory Naked Ginger Dark Chocolate

Charley's Chocolate Factory Naked Ginger Dark Chocolate

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Chocolate and ginger are a superb and well loved combination. It just kind of works. Spicy ginger and smooth chocolate! Mmmmm.

So get ready for velvety “naked” ginger which takes this to a whole new level. Charley's have “studded” their premium 70% dark chocolate with nice sized pieces of Australian ginger, presented naked, without a crystallised sugar coating. Sure they're biased, but they think this is the best tasting chocolate and ginger combination they've ever tasted.

The chocolate is made from single origin Trinitario/Amazonian cocoa beans from Madang Province, Papua New Guinea. It's bold and earthy with fruity overtones and so makes a perfect partner for the naked ginger. This is an awesome chocolate experience.

70% cacao

Made: Mission Beach, Far North Queensland, Australia
Cacao source: Papua New Guinea

Gluten free, vegan